The Stephanie Books

The Stephanie books are a great series of books based on the Stephanie Tanner character Jodie Sweetin played on the long running hit ABC sitcom Full House. These books follow Stephanie and her friends through many interesting situations and circumstances. Though your usual characters from the Full House TV series appear in these books (Dad, Joey, DJ, etc.) you meet many more of Stephanie's friends such as Allie and Darcy. These books are nothing short of great for someone who enjoys the Stephanie character and would like a storyline that for once revolves around her.
The Stephanie books are an easy read and enjoyable read.  They are mainly targeted at young readers in the 9-14 year old category, but frankly anyone who likes Stephanie and can read will thoroughly enjoy these books.

The Stephanie Series:

Club Stephanie Series:
  • Fun, Sun, & Flamingoes (ISBN 0-671-00826-9) Buy it!
  • Fireworks & Flamingoes (ISBN 0-671-00827-7) Buy it!
  • Flamingo Revenge (ISBN 0-671-00828-5) Buy it!
  • Too Many Flamingoes (ISBN 0-671-02122-2) Buy it!
  • Friend or Flamingo (ISBN 0-671-02123-0) Buy it!
  • Flamingoes Overboard (ISBN 0-671-02124-9) Buy it!
Full House Sisters Series:
  • Two on the Town - Nov. 1998 - (ISBN 0-671-02149-4) Buy it!
  • One Boss Too Many - Jan. 1999 - (ISBN 0-671-02150-8) Reserve now!

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